What I found in my Inbox...

In my inbox yesterday - this is the reason I love my work!

There had been a couple emails and a phone call from this client over 2 months and it culminated with the following. I share this because even in this year of 2020 with all the challenges and upheaval - beautiful things are happening.

"Hey Julie, we went down to ____________ to finalize the deal on Monday. Everything fell into place just like it was suppose to. Finishing up my last week of work and then we are moving down next week. Everyone is super excited and can't wait to get down there.

Thank you for your life changing experience. This probably wouldn't be happening without you."

When we remember WHO we really are, our true essence, everything changes. You feel lighter, you have likely cleared out the clutter of the mind, the dusty draggy old baggage hanging out in the heart and solar plexus.

( And this is a collaboration, you have to be willing to put the suitcase full of old wounds and scars down ) As quick as a wink, you feel a renewed confidence to step into the direction of your heart's desire.

The reality is - everything that you seek, you already are. You already have every tool that you need inside of you right now at this moment. It is just that sometimes life is noisy, stressful, or, in the theme of 2020, full of uncertainty ... I seek to assist you in clearing that clutter inside of you so that you leave with a renewed vision of what you truly want -

Follow your heart - not just the busy-brain's "you should do this, it pays better" ( even if you drag yourself there and seem to catch a cold or flu every 6 weeks ) or " you should do that" because that is what is expected of you. (What would my parents, friends, current co-workers say?)

Your heart knows where it is going, and I am not just talking in some dreamy esoteric way * cue the rainbows, unicorns and pixie dust * - Your heart is home to your Higher Self, your true essence. Your reason for being here. "Singing and dancing are the voice of dharma" - When you move in the direction of those things that light you up, give you peace and joy, it expands your energy and the Universe will give you a nod - and also give you a hand! ( cue abundance!)

When you are depressed and/or anxious, your energy, your frequency is drawn in tight to you. But did you ever notice that when you are laughing, loving, creative, inspired - your energy is lighter - and it is projecting from you, reaching farther ... ( bringing more goodness to you....)

Think about the pregnant woman - we always say a pregnant woman glows - but she is not actually "glowing" ... we are perceiving her frequency, her energy which, in her joy of growing a baby, expands far beyond her.

In these challenging year of 2020 where it can be easy to be overcome by the various challenges and uncertainty being presented to us - it is also providing us an opportunity to listen to our heart, and maybe the unexpected opportunity to move in the direction that we really want. Our Dharma ... And when you are living your purpose, your essence, your dharma - you can never go wrong!

Remember this : YOU are magic. You are a master manifester. At every given moment your thoughts are creating your world. Anything and everything can be overcome - you are a soul having a human experience, not the other way around. And your soul is powerful. Trust that little voice inside - not the chatter in the busy brain - but the one from the heart. Your place of knowing. You are a divine spark of a loving Universe, God, Creator - whatever that massive beingness is out there guiding this Universe - You are here to be the You-est You!

Big blessings to you ...

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