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  • Julie Parker

Who Comes to Greet Me When I Die?

In QHHT sessions, some clients go on to experience life between life ... While there may be variations to the experience, time after time, many clients are greeted by loved ones from that past life - sometimes those loved ones might even be recognized as someone they know in this current life now - recognizing them by their essence. Guides and Angelic beings are very frequent as well ... Those loving escorts always get you home.

It is often mentioned that while they are focused on the immediate people/beings that have come to greet them - the person can also sense dozens, hundreds and even more people waiting in the shadows, in the mist - When I ask the client what they feel about this, there is this overwhelming joy and welcoming energy present ... The person senses that this massive crowd is standing back in those earliest moments of their transition so that the "new arrival" might not feel overwhelmed in their first moments of adjustment ...

You are watched with loving eyes ... and you have a bigger cheering section than you could ever know!

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