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 My Services

I am certified in a number of services and these services will often overlap as they compliment each other:

Current certifications include:

QHHT - Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (as

taught by Dolores Cannon)

Soul Speak (healing part of the QHHT program)

RTT - Rapid Transformational Therapy ( taught by international UK therapist Marisa Peer)

Past Life Regression Therapy (Past Life Awakening Institute)

Life Between Life certification (Past Life Awakening Institute)

Edmonton's Meristem Academy for Advanced Clinical Hypnosis and Therapies. (Current Student)


Astrology aficionado of 28 years in various areas of astrology including evolutionary ( reincarnation), tropical western, ancient.

Tarot and Oracle

28+ years of intuitive tarot and oracle. It is a passion of mine to show you how to trust your own inner guidance when utilizing cards.

QHHT - Quantum Healing Hypnosis $350

Meet Your Spirit Guide, experience several Past Lives and get your Questions Answered by your Higher Self (OverSoul)

I will guide you into some warm-up visualizations so you can experience how you "tune in". Then you will meet your Spirit Guide, get your Guide's name, a gift and a message.

We will then visit several past lives where you will see and experience who you were, what occupied your time, people in your life, where you lived and several important days/events. Many people also experience the life between life portion at this stage. Later, we will move on to the conversation with your Highest Self where you can get your questions answered, receive healing, inspiration and more.


This is a loving and relaxing experience - after all, your Highest Self is your biggest fan!

This session averages 4-5 hours.

Mini Past Life Regression  -  $120

90 Minutes

This is a great introduction into Past Life Regression. Available on Zoom video or in person.

I will guide you through a few visualizations so you can experience how you tune in. From there we will Meet your Spirit Guide where you will see your Guide, get their name, a gift and a message.

From there I will guide you into one past life where you will see and experience who you were, see where you lived, what occupied your time and three important days.

This Mini regression is not QHHT, but it is relaxing, fun and informative!!

RTT - Rapid Transformational Therapy

As Taught By Marisa Peer

I am a certified RTT practitioner as taught by the United Kingdom's Marisa Peer. Please inquire for more information about availability and pricing.

Intuitive Tarot and Oracles - $120

90 Minutes   Unlimited decks, unlimited questions

My love of tarot and oracles goes back 28+ years.

The tarot represents the soul's journey, the archetypes and a typical spread will show you where your journey is right now. Are you in a soul growth cycle, is there environmental factors at play? Based on your questions we can arrive at some conclusions - and the brilliant thing about tarot and oracles is that they are based on law of attraction. If you do not like the course you are on, at every moment you have that opportunity to change your story, re-write your script.

I enjoy showing people how they can use the tarot and oracles in their daily lives. This is not a "fortune teller" approach, but rather one of your empowerment reflecting your current path and choices you can make. Yes, you can get answers - and more!!

Let's Work Together

All services presented are based on empowering the client with themselves - You are here to be the you-est you!

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