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Frequently Asked Questions
About QHHT

The Questions Below are about the Long Format (5 hour) QHHT Sessions

We all have questions, especially when we are approaching a new experience. Here are some answers to some common questions asked by clients.

QHHT Questions and Answers

Why do I need to write questions?

Questions are truly important! They aid in setting your attention for the information that you want to receive. There is no ceiling on questions, don't waste that opportunity! It is my personal experience that plenty of questions can get the Higher Self conversational and allows for expansion of the session. I will ask further questions of the Highest Self to get a more complete answer for you accordingly.

Why do I need to lay down?

Laying down allows you to truly relax into the experience, your body is fully supported so you are not distracted by an uncomfortable position sitting.

What if I can't be hypnotized?

I have great news for you, we humans are in and out of different levels of trance every single day, we just aren't usually aware of it. In those moments where you might be driving mindlessly from point A to Point B or scrolling your phone absorbed in your task, gazing out a window day-dreaming or absorbed in a book or favorite TV show, you are already immersed in the first level of trance. There is an awareness of life around you - but you have shifted your focus away from the distractions. In trance, we simply continue to shift away from those distracting things around us and tune in to what is within.

The deeper level of trance is known as theta, you are naturally in this level of trance twice a day - right before you go to sleep at night, right before you wake up in the morning. Most people are not aware of this or simply don't remember, but this is where your dreams are and often when we have intuitive answers or inspiration come through. I always recommend that people keep a dream journal, you would be surprised what information you might find if you make a quick note immediately upon awakening before everything fades away.

Will I be Asleep? Unconscious?

Short answer - No. If you were asleep, we would not be able to communicate!

You are in a dreamy "focused within" state, sensing, hearing, feeling, seeing - everyone has a different way of tuning in. I feel and sense things first - which in turn, give me the pictures in my mind ... everyone is different. I take you through some brief warm-ups which will allow us to explore how you tune in.

People lose a sense of time in this state, time doesn't seem to exist. For many post-session, they feel like it was 40 minutes or so, but it was 2.5 hours or even longer. Time disappears, the best feeling ever especially when we have lived lives so dependent on a clock!

Here is an analogy of what it is like being in trance:

Imagine being in a movie theater. You take your seat and observe the activity around you. Lights are on, people are moving about and rustling, munching popcorn, lots of noise and chit chat as people make their way to their seats or get settled in for the movie. That is Beta, wide-awake and tuned in to what is around you.

Next, imagine that the movie is starting - the lights are dimmed, the opening credits have come on, things are more hushed now - everything is still going on around you - but you have shifted your focus to the movie now. You are aware of the activity around you but not as interested, you want to watch your movie. That is like light trance - Alpha state.

Now - the movie is getting good! You are focused on the movie and no longer caring about the activity around you. Everyone is still around you, rustling, whispering, munching popcorn - but you are indifferent, even though they are still there - you have completely shifted your focus and are concentrating on the movie because the movie is getting good!


In hypnosis, some people can also experience the session in a more multi-dimensional way, this is whatever is appropriate and they are ready for as deemed by your Highest Self , they might feel what it is like to fly for instance ... Somebody who experienced a fear of water experienced the joy of swimming and skirting through the water. In a movie theater, you might need those special 3-D goggles for that but in a session, you are lead by your Highest Self to whatever is appropriate for you on your soul's journey.

Can I just have the Hypnosis without "the talk"?

Some people want to hurry up the process, let's just get down to it ...

The short answer to the above question is no.

The conversation prior is an important factor to the induction, aids in creating more intention, and is also an opportunity for you to get comfortable with your facilitator and environment. People routinely remember more questions that  they forgot to ask and they appreciate the chance to add more to their list.

I want you to be as comfortable as possible for a rewarding and empowering and relaxing session. Why rush it!

How often to we really get a day to ourselves to go deep-soul diving? Take advantage of it!

Have I lived before?

Yes - If your belief system does not support that possibility, then you can simply approach the past life regression as an opportunity for your soul to give you an important metaphor. Past lives are always relevant to our current lives, even if it is not immediately apparent why.

Is this QHHT like the Stage hypnosis Performances seen on TV or at a bar?

Absolutely not!

This is a gentle and empowering technique designed for your relaxation and your soul's journey. Your Highest Self, your Soul, is the engineer for this session. And your Highest Self is your biggest fan!

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