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Meet Julie

Certified QHHT Practitioner, Past Life Regression, Esoteric Astrologer and R.T.T

My Journey ...

I am a certified facilitator of 7+ years (2016) of the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique as taught by the internationally renowned Dolores Cannon.


I facilitate QHHT sessions, Past Life Regression, and Life-Between-Life sessions in Victoria BC and on my extended visits to Ottawa Ontario


I am also a certified RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner) , Intuitive,  a Soul Speak practitioner and very comfortable in my 28+ year journey of Astrology.

In 2015, I had a profound multi-dimensional experience involving the afterlife - I was immediately led to Dolores Cannon ( no accidents and no coincidences!) and her beautiful Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique method - and I have never looked back.

I am passionate about the client actively participating in their own healing and exploring and receiving answers through Past Life Regression, Life Between Life and their communication through a conversation with the Highest Self.


It is pure joy to see clients so empowered - with themselves!

You are not awakening, you are simply remembering something that you never knew that you forgot!


It is my joy to share these rewarding and inspiring methods with you and for you to experience the personal empowerment, relaxation and joy that is your soul's journey.


"You are not a drop in the ocean, YOU are the entire ocean in a drop."  (Rumi)

What Happens in a Session?

We will have a conversation and go over your questions.

It is quite common for people to come up with additional questions during this time as our conversation will often trigger more things that a person might want to ask their Highest Self about.

First I will take you through a few warm-up visualizations which also provide the opportunity for you to see how you "tune in" ... we are multi-sensory beings so you might be happily surprised at the range of ways you see, hear, feel, sense, and even detect scent during these visualizations.

I will then take you through a light visualization where you will meet and see your Spirit Guide, get their name, a gift and a message. (Easily one of my favorite things!)

After that I will guide you into several past lives where you have the opportunity to see and experience who you were, what occupied your time, where you lived, important events in that life, the people around you at that time and more.

(During this time , many people experience some of the life between life period as well )

Later, we will move into the conversation with your Higher Self (Oversoul) where we get the answers to your questions, and people have experienced a whole range of experiences whether healing and/or releasing, removing blocks ... so many things happen here and so unique to each individual.


It is extraordinary how many times we see our experiences and events from  a particular and very singular perception, but the Higher Self will come through with the most unexpected answers that bring a new light, perspective and wisdom to the query.

You are so much more than you remember and the Higher Self is your biggest fan, people often speak to feeling lighter after a session, empowered ...


Many people report feeling physically different in the best way possible and I have had many clients reach out to me much later to say that they are feeling much more connected with their soul and soul's journey.

You are a spirit, a soul having a human journey - and YOU ARE SO LOVED!


Why Do I Do QHHT?

I had a profound and spontaneous experience that involved the afterlife in 2015 that brought me to this work.

There are several blog posts relating to this and I was a guest with Grant Cameron of Whitehouse UFO on his "Down the Rabbit Hole" YouTube show.

For the next 12 hours after that experience I was trying to figure out what had happened to me -  I "knew" what had happened, yet I was overwhelmed that something so profound and multi-dimensional could have happened to someone so ordinary as me.

I immediately found Dolores Cannon, front and center on the YouTube Recommended video page  - and even though I had had a lingering interest in past life regression topics, Dolores had never once come up on my radar prior.

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

I immediately devoured every conference and video she had ever made and within months, myself and a close friend were completing the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique course.

And while I continued to have my own unique experiences, her work resonated strongly with me. And still does.

I eventually went on to purchase every single one of Dolores Cannon's 19 books! ( And her 5 book The Convoluted Universe series is not to be missed!)

Over hundreds and hundreds of QHHT sessions I have witnessed the most beautiful things ... I am in awe of the souls journey. We are amazing. ALL OF US!

There is something magical about experiencing our timelessness, our eternal beingness ... I never tire of doing sessions because each and every one is it's own inspiring and unique journey. This work remains my passion to this very day.

You are not a drop in the ocean- you are the entire ocean in a drop (Rumi) and I feel so blessed to get to share in this in these brief moments of connecting with people.

People discover the most amazing things! Some people have even gone on to research bits from their session and come back with hits!

Others have later reported on such extraordinary synchonicities, that both the person and myself were left in awe.

Your Highest Self is leading the way - I am simply your certified guide into that relaxed state. You are not asleep, you are just focused within ... because everything that you seek is already there ...

YOU are amazing. It is just easy to forget because life can be so busy, noisy, stressful ... but you ARE an integral reason for being.

I have had the good fortune to also study in other modalities that compliment my work in QHHT and Past Life Regression.


It is my pleasure to provide the opportunity to do this. You do not have to be "special" or  meditate, or be psychic and the many other ideas associated with this.


You are already enough. Right now. As you are.

And within you is every answer you seek.

There is something beautiful about a person becoming empowered with themselves.

You are here to be the you-est you!!

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