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  • Julie Parker

When Life Happens ...

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

Sometimes life throws us a detour - sometimes a big one ...

A recent window renovation gone awry resulted in a number of people having to temporarily reside outside of our homes - I would ponder what the higher meaning of this disruption was - and sure enough, 7 weeks later - a rather large epiphany came into view.

I was so comfortable where I was - yet desiring to continue to grow and expand. And while growth and expansion do not necessarily require a change of house, "new energy" seemed to be a theme that would come to mind often.

While in the midst of this upheaval - I will admit to not feeling very inspired ... and worse, as the dust settled and life started to resume its pace again - I discovered the old comfortable rhythm seemed to be gone - and that was not a comfortable thing to experience ... Until the day a "divine" experience came racing back to my mind from 7 years ago.

This experience was a deep and loud thought, I'd even call it a "voice" that seemed to be dropped into my head - some might even call it a 'download" ... I was strolling along with a couple bags of groceries on a sunny day -and then suddenly was so overwhelmed with an inspiration so loud you could escape it.

But it did not make sense. There was no basis for it nor had it been a previous thought or even aspiration. And at that time, 7 years ago when this event happened , I was not even in the occupation I am in now - so this particular word that blared in my mind made absolutely no sense to me at all.

And Spirit - always having a sense of humor - dropped this inspired thought and word into my mind as I crossed a large intersection, 2 roads and a train track running across it diagonally - the metaphorical crossroads ... ( I could almost see my Guides giggling as I look back on that moment now ...

This thought that suddenly entered my mind was so out of left field and uninvited, that I paused for a brief moment in the middle of the intersection before I resumed walking again . It just made no sense at all ...

So back to the current day - once this reno-gone-wrong -and-out-of-home shake-up had transpired and I was back into my life as I knew it - and I realized with some dismay that something no longer fit ... like shoes that are a little too tight ... you could still wear them, but they squeezed you and were not the kind of shoes that you would want to take a long journey in.

I was restless but could not out my finger on why.

This epiphany that had come to me out of the blue 7 years ago, raced back into my mind now. I realized that these recent upheaval events were shaking things up so that I was dislodged from my comfort zone - making room for the new experiences to come in. This divine inspiration is taking me onto a deeper path of expansion and evolution in my current line of work in hypnosis and past life regression - and I am seeing the synchronicities , signs and symbols everywhere!

Ironically this does not require me to work in a new way, but rather to expand on things I already do and am deeply passionate about - The "tools" were always there - but I was comfortable and thus not "seeing" it.

The Universe stepped in to clear out the metaphorical clutter so that I could revisit that profound moment 7 years ago and make room for the fresh expansion and inspiration to come in.

It was suddenly so apparent that it made me wonder why I had not seen it sooner - but then I realized the 7 years in the interim were literally what had prepared me for this bold new step from the initial seed of inspiration.

So these muddled and muddied detours can be a blessing in disguise ... the mysterious workings of the Universe made sure that no moment was wasted - and that I was ready and receptive for what needed to come through by clearing out the comfort zone ...

I will be doing my work as always - it is my passion - I am also excited to expand it in a direction that I believe is part of my purpose on this planet.

I am excited to share this new chapter with you very soon. But in the meantime, I recognize these detours and upheavals are happening in many many lives - take a closer look - is the Universe trying to make room for you to bring in something new?

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