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  • Julie Parker

Your voice and Words Are Frequency

I have witnessed many cathartic sessions and noticed a strong uptick in messages from the Higher Self, Higher Beings, even the Angelic realm.

Here is one of the things to be spoken of in the session: "As more and more people awaken (to their soul - spiritual side) they are also being very vocal - and as these people speak out loud, they are vibrating higher from a place of love and intention. That vibration is literally changing the beat (frequency) of the earth." Raising the overall frequency of the planet during this time of immense global transition.

Today - check in with your frequency. In doing something loving, positive and peaceful, even if momentary, for yourself, you are improving things for yourself and your well-being and it will spill onto those around you - just like a pebble dropped into a pond - it will ripple out - and also contribute to raising "the vibration that is literally changing the beat of the earth."

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