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  • Julie Parker

They Chose You!

Years ago I had a momentary experience in the Afterlife, or at least that is how I refer to it.

While I cannot explain how or why it happened, it most closely resembled a near-death experience - except I did not nearly die. It was the most beautiful and profound experience I have ever had in my life and I find it unlikely that I will ever top that. We are magnificent beings and we are so much more than we remember.

And let me be blunt. This multi-dimensional and multi-sensory experience went far and beyond the capabilities of my imagination. Seriously.

I had never made it through an episode of Star Trek. Lord of the Rings left me snoring. I have never seen the infamous Star Wars movies except for Return of the Jedi ( at which time I was busy flirting with a boy who was throwing popcorn in my hair and never did know what was going on with the movie)

I am not a sci-fi or fantasy genre gal. It took me till the recent couple years to finally watch The Matrix and Avatar. I did not have the imagination to even start to make up that experience.

One of the profound truths that struck me in that experience is 'who we are''. While in that place (and truthfully I cannot tell you if it was 25 minutes or a nano second) I experienced something important. In this "soul place", or heaven, source, or whatever word you might choose for it, I was in a place where we are light, energy, frequency and most importantly - LOVE.

It was the Love and completeness that was most profound. That wholeness - that sense of knowing you were home. All was exactly as it should be and there was a larger knowingness, understanding to all that is.

It also led me to believe that our hearts, our souls, and essence - are homing devices and that place, heaven, the Universe, source - is like a beacon - And we always, always know how to get home.

The other aspect that was immediately apparent was that there was no gender, no religion, no race, no class ... No hierarchy. We were all the same in this place. We are one. No borders, no wealth nor poverty. All those things that divide us here in this journey are not in that place - at all.

And since that profound moment, I have never met a stranger since. Ever.

To this day, it does not matter if I am having a conversation with a cashier, meeting a client, a momentary chat with a stranger in a bank line up or connecting with an inquiry by phone - they are not a stranger to me.

It is simply that our bodies had not met yet.

I also know in some cases, maybe our bodies are not meant to - It is that email that went astray, the wrong number, that momentary yet mundane connection.

This Universe is far more than we had ever imagined. Far far more. Every single thing is connected and as humans, we are experiencing that as a connected consciousness that expands far beyond ourselves.

We are oneness - While in that "place", I sensed that I could perceive our individual unique essences

- that unique energetic signature that makes you you - and yet we were also one and the same.

Does this sound contradictory? Yes and No. You think of a friend and they call you at that moment or you discover their email. You sense someone looking at you. A mother senses her child crying but she is miles away. You walk into a room and feel that pall of bad news before you have even finished entering.

We are indeed connected, tethered if you will to one another energetically without ever truly realizing it.

How about the pregnant woman that we would say "glows". She is is not actually glowing - nor is she sweating - but she is emanating a frequency that we all sense, she is growing a new life.

These bodies are like costumes that we chose to engage in for our part on this earthly stage. And the people around you, lovable, exciting, challenging, chafing, all agreed to be a part of your journey and you - part of theirs.

We experience every person, whether close like family or a good friend to the stern teacher or stranger who just flipped you a middle finger at an intersection for missing the light - as an opportunity to grow. But growth is mutual and interactive.

Sometimes that can even mean learning to walk away from someone who was once a bigger part of your life ... defining your boundaries in a situation that has become intolerable.

And that might be what was needed in this particular journey. But in saying that, also realize, there are always more people waiting to walk in. As we learn and shift from accepting what is intolerable, ( usually because we do not know better at the time) we tend to start attracting people of a more comfortable frequency.

But one thing we are not - is seeing ourselves as different. This polarity is demonstrated so strongly right now in our society - and I sense for a purpose. The US and THEM mentality.

They are wrong. They are different. They need to go back to where they came from ... when the reality is - if we were all to go back to where we came from - we would all be in the exact same place. Seriously.

In the images I have attached a fun card from the "Notes from the Universe on Love and Connection" deck by Mike Dooley . I love this deck - light and cheerful truth and love bombs on every card!

Thanks for sharing your time with me! :)

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