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  • Julie Parker

Prophetic Words from the Hopi

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

Allowing yourself to float during this time ... We are experiencing all sorts of ups and downs during this time ... as individuals and as a humanity …so I want to share these lovely words from the Hopi...

"A Hopi elder explained it like a fast-moving River taking the people to a new place. The river feels very rough ; some people will be trying to cling to the shore, others will be floating down the river ...

And we will do our best to keep our heads up towards the sky and eventually, we will land at the new shore - the 5th world as what the Hopi prophesied.

What is happening has already come to pass. Time doesn’t exist in God space, so we are essentially already in our “new reality”, it is just the concept of 3D time is a side effect we are currently enduring “

- Lex Morningstar

There are times in life when the challenges are many. The current is constantly shifting and we cannot know what direction we should take. And like the teachings of the Hopi, those are the moments where instead of clinging to that branch or fighting the current, maybe we just need to float - and know that we will get to our destination.

Big hugs and blessings - Thank you for sharing your time with me.

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