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  • Julie Parker

The Mystical Zodiac

I have been a passionate hobbyist of astrology for around 28 years - doing a number of dives into different areas of the study regarding personality, the souls journey regarding our evolution and more...

(I will be posting a blog post of my own findings later today as well - having had a few mystical multi-dimensional experiences, I had some transits on this that I wanted to show and share.)

I came across this interview today and just wanted to share it - I am a big fan of both Nadiya and Acyuta-bhava - this video is a beautiful departure from the cliche "you are a cancer so you are moody" or "you are a libra so you cannot make up your mind" ( none of which are true anyhow, I can assure you) Acyuta Bhava gives a beautiful interview about the zodiac from the perspective of their journey to light - something that speaks to me about the soul's cyclic ( reincarnation) journey as well.

Since we will experience many many incarnations here - I sense we go through a number of cycles that are also "within" cycles - (sets of incarnations?) which seems to become more and more evident as I study different aspects of astrology.

if you would like to hear something different and empowering about your sign - this would be the interview ... it is so well spoken.

** Please keep in mind that you are never just your sun sign, nor are you just your moon, your ascendent ( rising sign) and more ... you are many many layers and we experience different things through progressions and transits. None-the-less, his approach to this was beautiful!

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