What I Do ...

We are all on a Soul's journey.

A typical session day runs approximately 5-6 hours. This allows us to have a conversation and for you to get to know me as your practitioner. We will do a few quick warm-up visualizations and then do the induction itself which is typically 2.5 hours.

The session fee for the day (even if it runs slightly longer) is $350. This also includes a light snack and plenty of water, coffee and a variety of teas. If the day should run longer, there is no change to the fee.

Due to the all-day nature of the session and the inability to fill a suddenly-vacant spot on the day of the session, a $50 deposit is required and reserves your day.

Thank you for understanding.

My own journey into this work started rather suddenly after a very unexpected and  very profound multi-dimensional spiritual experience. Everything changed in the matter of that moment - and the life I had known prior to that moment was irrevocably altered forever by this experience. I have never looked back!


I was led to Dolores Cannon's work and her beautiful QHHT method.

Finding QHHT was like "coming home", it is my passion and my joy. There is nothing more beautiful than witnessing clients become empowered with themselves, to trust that intuition, that inner voice that we all have.

It is said that

" We are not Human's having a spiritual experience, but rather, we are Spirits having a human experience."

I am here to say that I witness the truth of those words each and every day. In every session. We are so much more than we ever gave ourselves credit for. And we all contain wisdom as well as gifts and talents that so often go unnoticed and unacknowledged in the hectic busy-ness of living our lives.

It is my joy to share this method with you.

My favorite quote by Rumi sums up Quantum Healing Hypnosis so beautifully :

"You are not a drop in the ocean - you are the entire ocean in a drop."

QHHT provides an opportunity to release the things that no longer serve us and also empower us with the gifts and wisdom that we bring with us from other lifetimes.

That remembrance of who you really are, how big your soul truly is - is the first step in setting yourself free.


Even in those moments that life might not be handing you sunshine and lollipops,

your life changes dramatically when you are able to see things with a different wisdom, from a different and higher perspective - and you are more in touch with your Highest Self (home to your intuition, epiphanies, inspirations and dreams)

Thank you for taking the time to drop in and I look forward to speaking with you soon!

Where I Do It ...

Comfortable and casual are the theme in these offices!

My colleague Kara and I share lovely office spaces in a lovely quiet office building just a block away from the 98th Ave and 50th Street intersection in the Capilano area of Edmonton.

We are easy to find on several bus routes, just a couple of  minutes walking distance to the Capilano Mall bus station and there is plenty of parking if you are bringing your car.

I do my best to accommodate a client's schedules, so  weekends and some statutory Holidays are occasionally  available - Weekends tend to be spoken for quickly however ( often booked a month in advance particularly for people who are traveling from out of town ) so if weekends or a statutory holiday are desirable to you, let me know in advance and we will see what we can do!



street view
street view



A Typical Session

A typical session is usually 6 hours. If your journey has been busier, maybe slightly longer - this is your day!

How often do we get a chance to devote a day to ourselves and our well-being?

And what adventure awaits us if we are willing to let go of the mundane noise and chatter of day-to-day life and be open to a new experience ...

Early on in the session day, we will have a conversation, go over your questions and this will also provide you with an additional opportunity to ask any other questions you might have about the process itself  ( I am more than happy to answer those well in advance of your session as well!)

A light snack and plenty of water, coffee and a variety of teas are available as well.

When you are feeling ready, we proceed to the induction stage. This is a beautiful and gentle method done through guided visualizations ... easy and relaxing. As we proceed, we eventually reach a point where your own mind's pictures/movies will take over and off we go!

The session fee for the day is $350.

You will receive your digital audio in your inbox, usually by 9 PM the same evening.

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