QHHT Session

$350 - 6 Hour day

A typical session will run approximately 6 hours. This will include your pre-induction conversation, the hypnosis session and the post-session discussion. A typical session usually includes 2-3 past lives followed by the conversation with the Highest Self.

I like to let your day unfold organically, relaxed, no pressure, no clock-watching. This sometimes means that your pre-induction conversation  or hypnosis might run a little longer, but this is your day! Allow yourself the time - After all, how often do we get the opportunity to have a day to focus on self and our own well-being?


You will receive an digital audio of your session following your appointment, usually by 9 p.m the same evening.

A $50 non-refundable deposit is requested on confirmation of booking, this can be paid through Interac e-transfer to

This deposit is required to reserve your day. Thank you for understanding.


Group Past Life Regression

$75 Per Person, Minimum 4 People

A relaxing light-trance regression where you will visit a past life and view 3 important days within that past life.


You will then visit a future life and also visit 3 important days. Finally, you will meet your Spirit Guide, at which time you will learn your Guide’s name and receive a gift and a message from your Guide.

This is typically followed by  a  discussion where participants can share their results if they choose.

A fun introduction to the process of visualization and how simple visualization is. Refreshments, notebooks and pens are provided.

Do you have a group of 4 or 5 friends and want to experience this? Give me a call and I will set up a date for you.

Please note, the group regressions require a minimum of 4 attendees (6 maximum in my current location ) and are paid 72 hours in advance of the event.

Larger groups can also be accommodated upon a location being determined.



Rapid Transformational Therapy

As taught by Marisa Peer

 2.5 Hour Session

Booking 2021

This method is available one on one at the office or by Zoom video as well.

More to come!



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A Typical Session

A typical session is usually 6 hours. If your journey has been busier, maybe slightly longer - this is your day!

How often do we get a chance to devote a day to ourselves and our well-being?

And what adventure awaits us if we are willing to let go of the mundane noise, stresses and chatter of day-to-day life and be open to a new experience ...

Early on in the session day, we will have a conversation, go over your questions and this will also provide you with an additional opportunity to ask any other questions you might have about the process itself  ( I am more than happy to answer those well in advance of your session as well!)

A light snack and plenty of water, coffee and a variety of teas are available as well.

When you are feeling ready, we proceed to the induction stage. This is a beautiful and gentle method done through guided visualizations ... easy and relaxing. As we proceed, we eventually reach a point where your own mind's pictures/movies will take over and off we go! Past lives, some people even experience in-depth life between life scenes and a conversation with the Highest Self are a part of the session.

The session fee for the day is $350.

You will receive your digital audio in your inbox, usually by 9 PM the same evening.

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