Your Heart Knows the Way, Run in that Direction

Updated: May 17, 2020

I ask people in our session conversations "What do YOU want?" "What lights you up?"

The answers are as varied as the client and their unique experiences ... it could be writing a book, having more quality time with the kids, living near the ocean, moving out of the city, a different job, better health, starting a business, wanting to play an instrument, an end to the negative self-talk and low self-esteem ...

And that is one of the most satisfying elements of the session when someone is able to not only ascertain what they really want, but for them to allow that possibility into their life.

Allow? Yes.

It is very human of us and often a result of previous experiences that we have taught ourselves to dream small, to think there is and will always be limitations to what we can hope for. That it is only that "other guy/girl" that could be so lucky or we must follow multiple exhaustive tedious tiny steps to get moving in that direction ... Sometimes the thought is simply "something that cool could never happen to someone like me".

Which now brings up the question of worthiness. So often we set limitations because we feel deep down that we are not worthy. We are not enough.

And soon the list of limitations that we have set up for ourselves in our mind is enough to make the Hoover Dam look like a log jam on a sleepy stream.

I couldn't possibly leave my job right now (though it is killing me slowly, the pay is lousy and the environment is toxic)

I don't know if I would be good at it (how do you get good at something if you don't get to do it?)

It would take time away from my family and responsibilities (or maybe the family would be excited and energized by you do something that brings you joy and want to support you or even partake)

You get the picture ...

But here is the thing : There are NO limitations to what we can Have or Do or Be.

You are not here to live a life of quiet desperation.

We perceive limitations. Perceive? ( I could have sworn those obstacles look real ...)

But the reality is, when we move towards in the direction of what brings us joy or peace, it elevates our energy, our "vibe" as people often like to say, and the universe responds in kind with similar energy. Like attracts like - and the universe conspires to assist us by responding with similar energy. That is when we start to witness the synchronicities!

(There is no such thing as an accident or co-incidence - talk to any quantum scientist :D)

Everything in this universe is energy - so if we change our perception, which in turn is subtly changing energy, our approach , big things can happen - quickly!

Our mind is a powerful thing - but it is also a creature of habit, always looking backwards.

It is cautious and bases it's determinations on past experiences, past perceptions, primarily to keep you safe. That is how our species survived the saber tooth tiger.

BUT - if you are not being chased by the saber tooth tiger - and if you want to have new experiences and do something different, than it makes perfect sense to think and feel things in a new way.

Our mind is a magical thing and so is this universe. And you just happen to be a beloved facet of this much bigger diamond. You are not here by accident!!

Let us say you would like to go to a beach in Bermuda - "Would" implies potential interest but no commitment, it also implies that Bermuda is not a part of your reality. It is a wishy-washy intent.

The same as the word "try" ... Try is wishy-washy.

Let's face it - We all know if someone says they will "try" to come and help us move - we know that is as good as saying no and they will not be showing up. Think about it ... the word "try" is uninspired and is just a polite way of saying "not likely".

But now, you change your intention - You say "I am on a beach in Bermuda". Maybe you even project a date!

Now go one better - take a moment here or there and imagine, laying on that beach in Bermuda. Daydream. Look at brochures or Bermuda websites. Check out that dreamy Air B&B with the hammocks slung between two trees ... Allow yourself to imagine how the sun would feel on your shoulders warming your skin, the velvety soft sand shifting under your feet, the silky warm water washing over your toes , the pristine beauty and fragility of the shells bleached out from the sun scattered about the sand.

Inhaling deeply, what do you smell ... salty air? Lush foliage? Maybe the scent of the fruity drink with a little red paper umbrella that you are holding?

What do you hear ... birds calling out, singing or both? The murmur of people talking and laughing in the distance? Children squealing in delight? Or is it peaceful silence except for the breeze gently rustling in the nearby trees and the soft rhythmic sound of water lapping ....

When you move in the direction of whatever it is that stirs your heart, baby steps or big ... you are going in the right direction. You cannot go wrong. You are responding to your soul's urge...

If you want to play an instrument, start by borrowing, buying or even renting one. Don't know how to play? Check out a YouTube tutorial! Look up listings for teachers.

There is NO age limit to joy, peace and creativity. Ever.

I went back to college several years ago at the age of 48, silently suspecting that I might be one of the oldest people on campus aside from some of the faculty. I could not have been more wrong as my classes included people ranging in age from 18 through to 78. At least half of these classes were people 35 and older.

Prior to going to college, I was working at a job, not a bad job but also not at a fulfilling job and it was long hours for so-so pay and some paltry benefits. It had paid vacation - but I seemed to never be able to even get those vacation days when I wanted them after February...

I felt stuck. Was this it? The reason I was here? My purpose??

The daydream of this college program had never been nothing more than that - a daydream over several years, a persistent yearning. The desired college was also in another large city and entailed leaving my so-so job, moving my home and the expenses that entailed (when my bank account was deep in the overdraft) Are you kidding me? It would take me a couple years to save up for this ...

Anybody have a magic wand handy?

Even just a used one with a bit of spark left would be okay ...

But one day I was inspired to write the program coordinator - And they promptly wrote back.

Magic happened. Their energy responded to mine, I was suddenly inspired and nothing could stand in my way. All of those perceived hurtles melted away without me even noticing.

Within 3 weeks, I had given notice to the job ( that I thought I had been stuck in) went to the city to write the entry exam to the college, packed and moved. The money showed up via a line of credit, credit card, and healthy unexpected tax refund ... Suddenly I had everything that I needed with a safety net to spare. WHAT???? Where were all of these things before (when I was budgeting to buy a can of salmon??? )

I had pondered this idea, this itch I could not scratch for months, even years to no avail - But when I made the decision and took a baby step in that direction - Boom!! It unfolded so quickly I still cannot tell you how I found myself wandering about that gorgeous campus not even 3 weeks later sporting a new student ID and a backpack - at 48 years old.

Today - even if just for a moment - sit back and ponder this. What do you want.

Not what happened to come along.

Not what you settled for ( before you knew better, we've all done that )

What is it that you want? What makes your heart sing?

And find a way to incorporate that into your life, start now - baby steps or big leaps, NOW is as good a time as any!

Why not??

Much love and blessings and thanks for stopping by!

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