The Vibration of Speech - and Thought

I have witnessed so many cathartic sessions lately and noticed a strong uptick in messages - from the Higher Self, Higher Beings, even the Angelic realm.

A recent session had so many messages coming through that I filled 4 full pages, front and back with notes. I am a bit of a confidentiality nut about sessions - but I did ask if I might share this tidbit as it was so timely to our global circumstances right now. The client gave me permission to share and I hope it might be helpful for others who come to read this blog.

"As more and more people awaken (to their soul -starseed - spiritual side) they are also being very vocal - and as these people speak out loud, they are vibrating higher from a place of love and intention. That vibration is literally changing the beat (frequency) of the earth." Raising the overall frequency of the planet during this time of immense global transition.

Such truth to this as more and more people come into a bigger awareness of themselves and the world that they live in...

Now this brings me to something else on the same topic ...

How we choose to think about things, how we choose to feel and view, is not only impacting us on a personal level, but those around us and the collective consciousness of the world - whether we are aware of it or not.

And Life loves us, it is always giving us hints and clues.

My funniest clue recently was just weeks ago. I had had to close the office for 10 weeks during the shut-down and came back with a bang. Multi weeks of clients in a delicately balanced date book that I had had to suddenly cancel abruptly as the province went into a shut-down, incoming calls and emails, I was definitely feeling a state of overwhelm wanting to get things back to "normal", back on track.

4 weeks in, I was pooped. I came home one day from the office to discover an upper kitchen cupboard in my newly renoe'd apartment was lifting away from the wall and my bedroom closet bar had also collapsed, leaving my clothing in a jumbled mess on the floor - in the same day.

I am not someone who owns a lot of stuff so I was puzzled by this ...

"Lighten the load" was the message that I heard come from within - and I started to laugh. My brain had been a little too busy with efficiency and wanting to meet the needs of everything and everyone around me. The hamsters in my mind had been running so breathlessly on the hamster wheel, that the hamster wheel had broken away and was racing down 101 Avenue headed for Sherwood Park.

Time to re-evaluate my priorities and what my frequency was giving out - and what it was bringing to me.

What do you want in your life? And what world do you want to experience. Not the world you think you have to settle for, the acceptance of "it is what it is", or status quo ... what kind of world do YOU want...

Some people reading this might be newer to meditation, and here is some good news. You do not need to sit in the lotus position and spend hours doing it ( and that is awesome if you do that!) I am speaking about taking a few moments or more if you are able to, to just ground, quiet the mind, empty out the racing thoughts, allow yourself for a moment to be a human "being".

Mind a little busy these days? Try this - Sit, stand, whatever is comfortable ... put your hands to your heart, take in a slow deep deep breath that reaches right to the bottom of your lungs - and slowly leisurely and fully exhale every last bit ...

And just allow yourself to be still for a moment ( but go ahead and keep breathing!) This is a great way to calm the mind for a moment, calm the body, check in with your frequency. And it only takes a moment!

There are bonus side effects too ... plagued by an issue or question? Do the above, and after you exhale, pause and quietly ask yourself the question at hand ... you will likely feel, sense, know or even hear the answer.

What are the words you speak aloud and to yourself? Are your words empowering or dis-empowering. Did you run out the door and realize you "forgot" your keys - or are you grateful that you caught yourself and went back in because you "remembered" them .

Think about people in your life. That friend or relative that makes you feel lifted when you are in their presence... an acquaintance that makes you feel drained ... that is frequency. We feel and sense without even realizing it.

Today - check in with your frequency. In doing something positive, even if momentary, for yourself, you are improving things for yourself and your well-being and it will spill onto those around you - and also contribute to "that vibration (that) is literally changing the beat of the earth."

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