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  • Julie Parker

Synchronicity - You are Being Guided!

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

Sometimes things happen in a session that cannot be explained ... Or can it?

In a recent session I was taking the client through a visualization to meet their Spirit Guide. As we proceeded, I received a picture in my mind of a beautiful little ladybug sitting on a lovely green leaf. I spontaneously added it to my visualization.

Later the client asked me why I mentioned the ladybug. I actually did not know why - it had just popped into my mind and I worked it in. I had never ever mentioned a ladybug prior to this session. Then the client went on to say their 2 yr old was playing with a toy the night before - when a ladybug crawled across the toy to the surprise of the client and their child.

A ladybug. In February. I strongly suspect this was the Spirit Guides and Highest Self at work!

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