Some of the things I see in the Sky (Spoiler Alert - UFO's)

I decided to post a few of the things I have seen in the sky since my initial "re-awakening" experience back in June 2015 (The "re-awakening will be posted at another time and was the topic of a recent "Down the Rabbit Hole" panel interview mentioned in the previous post.)

This is a 2 minute video I posted of some of my pictures two years back - Have you seen things in the sky that make you say "Hmmmm?" I know I certainly have! ;-)

I have seen a couple of hundred things at this point, including a few that date back to the 90's - but these are some of the better pictures. The best came when on flights to go see my kids on the West Coast and in Ontario. And let me be frank, I was definitely "prompted" at the times I saw them and snapped the photos.

I still have all original raw images, no retouching beyond basic cropping for better clarity ( when you take photos out of an aircraft window they seem to default to a panorama view, I never thought to zoom in much at the time , it was all happening to quickly.

One of the pictures featured here has made it around the internet as I have had several clients now mention seeing it - just for the record, I was the photographer!

See the video here:

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