Part 2 - Look Who Showed Up! - A Loving "Little" Interloper

As mentioned in a previous post - prior to starting the session, I like to give my client a couple of warm-up visualizations - These visualizations offer a chance for my clients to see how simple the process of "seeing" is as we absorb information through many senses without any awareness of it. I offer a few mundane scenarios and then ask them to "see" it in their mind's eye and fill it up with lots of detail.

Sometimes, in those earliest visualizations, I will ask the client if they notice any people around them - and many of them do. Typically it will be anonymous people buzzing about with their brief cases, shopping bags and phones, people strolling on a beach, driving by etc -

But sometimes there is someone distinct, someone that is making eye contact or smiling directly at the client. I quietly make a note of this now because time and time again, I have come to discover that Spirit Guides and/or important people from a client's Past Lives will sometimes show up in these visualizations - loving interlopers coming to greet the client ... an unexpected blessing.

And sometimes those unexpected guests are children ...

This client, a mid-aged gentleman was quite awake, visualizing a busy street corner, describing the busy contemporary scene around them. Vehicles and buildings, skyscrapers, the roar of traffic, the aroma of car fumes mingling with a nearby garbage can and the scent of coffee and food from a neighboring restaurant.

Suddenly a little girl directly across the street from his view caught his attention - this little girl looked out of place to the client. She seemed to be dressed in a small child's 1940's attire, and she was looking directly across the street at the client beaming the most beautiful smile. It seemed odd to see a child of this age alone, and dressed like this, in such a busy place...

The client was a little disarmed with this.

I asked the client to stay with the scene and continue observing - and the child immediately crossed this busy contemporary street and walked directly up to my client, still beaming. The child joyfully took his hand and there was an instant overwhelming sensation and emotion of instant recognition. That modern day street corner dissolved into another time and another place, and just like that - we were off to a past life. (And that little girl turned out to be the man's daughter - from another time ...)

Sometimes, even if someone does not recognize what someone looks like first off, there can be that first touch or embrace or even looking into their eyes- and there it is, that instant familiarity and recognition.

Why does this happen?

The "veil" is much thinner than we think. We are spirits having a human experience, versus the other way around. Dolores Cannon spoke often to this, how we leave our body at night to go off and meet with others, loved ones and friends, go on adventures ... if I were to go with my own recollections (when I am lucky enough to have remembrance of them) I'd say yes, that is absolutely true!

In the busy-ness of our day to day lives, we are focused on the "now" in this world and dimension - And so we should be! That is why we are here and this moment in time is what we signed up for. Many times we will meet with loved ones past and present in our dreams. Sometimes we will recall, most times we won't, but it happens none-the-less. We are part of a much larger group, a family of souls.

But ... I personally cherish when those loved ones return spontaneously in those pre-session warm-ups. It is also an opportunity for clients to realize that we do not need to always be in a deep state of hypnosis to have that connection ... these loving beings, people of the past are just residing in the next dimension - and they are loving and cheering us on.

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