Out of Africa

In our induction, the client went to a beautiful place, she was peaceful, surrounded by yellow grasses, rocky steep slopes, small shrubs and a an immense beautiful waterfall. Moments later as we emerged into her past life, she "landed" again in that same beautiful place that she had described earlier. She described this exact scene again as rocky, patches of yellow grasses, small shrubs, cool misty breezes and the very large waterfall (much later in the session she suddenly identified this as Victoria Falls, Africa)

( "Interesting," I thought ... "this must be an important place for her to have seen it twice at the earliest stage of the induction..." )

And just as sudden, her breathing became rapid, shallow and she raised her hand in trance about 12 inches to grasp at an imaginary branch or shrub - and seemed to clutch something there, as if to steady herself. Realizing that she might have arrived at somewhere precarious in that lifetime, I reminded her that all was comfortable and safe and that she was able to witness this as an observer. She was captivated with this scene, her hand still clutching this imaginary branch. It was time to investigate what had brought us there...

We "drifted away" from that moment and went to an earlier time.

She was a very tall thin girl in this life, probably 5'8" or so versus her current short stature of 5' 0" in this current life. She was a young woman of 17-18. She wore a rough cloth brown shift and thin sandals, and wore a necklace made of polished stones. We "met" her younger brother of about 10. A handsome boy that she loved dearly though he was also annoying in that way 10 yr old boys can be - He was company during her long repetitive days alone of completing chores, sometimes he helped with the tasks as well. She described him with such a photographic clarity I felt I could see him.

Something about this life and the scenes she described appeared somewhat contemporary, I would even venture to say possibly late 70's or early 80's. The meal was over a small fire, lamb in oil. She knew intuitively that they also ate a great deal of dried meat. There was a cornmeal mush bubbling away. When I inquired about who else would be sharing this meal, the client was suddenly startled -

*looking around* while in trance ...

"They should be here!!" She exclaimed in a puzzled tone, concerned that no one else was there.

Then it seemed to come to her. "I think they are looking for me" she said softly.

Her life was a very simple one and an endless list of chores to be tended, firewood to be gathered, water to be fetched, cooking, looking after the nuisance of a little brother... there did not appear to be too many big events in the life of someone so young though we did see an interesting ceremony involving the whole village and an elephant that she was fixated on that was draped in colorful cloth or rugs.

She was resentful of the incessant heat - "I can taste the hot" she said grudgingly.

On a rare day off if the chores were finished early, she and her brother would occasionally sneak off and explore the falls - though it was strongly forbidden. It was a bit of a distance to get there but they often had to walk quite a distance to gather things anyhow. They were never supposed to go to the falls on their own but sometimes recklessness and curiosity would take over.

Now arriving at the next important day, she was urgently searching about.

"What are you looking for?" I asked.

"I don't know ... I feel scared though..."

"Do you sense you are searching for an object or a person?"

She suddenly realized it was her brother, her brother was missing!

Where could he be?? She ran about looking, calling, inquiring ... and her heart started to pound -

She immediately suspected that he had gone to the falls.

When at the waterfalls, they had been taught to stay with the yellow grasses in the mistaken belief that the green grasses signaled that they were too close to the waterfalls edge. She scrambled about about climbing, clutching, calling and stumbling and looking for her brother ... She felt she was on the drier yellow grass, so she was still safe as she ventured around shrubs and bushes and not close to the edge - when she suddenly emerged from a group of shrubs and teetered on the edge of crumbling rock and loose soil ... her hand grasped back at the scrawny twig of a shrub and she teetered momentarily - she felt herself lose her footing ... then suddenly she felt herself enveloped in the most beautiful warm welcoming light, feeling it completely embrace her ...

She never hit the bottom.

Looking back at that past life she had felt she had felt no purpose other than to care for her brother and do endless chores. It had a little lonely, a great deal of toil, and she felt like it

it was a wasted life with no opportunity.

Enter the conversation with the Highest Self. She realized she had never been alone even though she felt she often was, a comforting thing. Simplicity had been a desirable experience for the soul from that lifetime, a direct contrast to her hurried and busy life now. There had been festivals and gatherings, vibrance and laughter , and of course - her cherished little brother.

Her Highest Self however, was strong and straight to the point. Advice was direct and healing for the migraines and stress was given. While not given an exact timeline, she had jumped quick back into this life to seize new opportunities and have new experiences... and to explore herself.

Upon awakening, she went onto Google Earth immediately and we looked at the Victoria Falls. She was shocked that there were things so familiar, recognizable to her, it was amazing to witness her excitement. The Zambia village of Mukuni is several kilometres away, this raised the hairs on her arms - and mine. The village and huts were identical in style and the village layout was almost verbatim to what she had seen and described in such detail during the session ... This particular village was also eerily the right proximity to the falls along roads that suddenly looked familiar.

I was captivated that if she did reincarnate right away, she might well have a living sibling from another time and place - it is her choice to further explore!

If there is something more to be found, like her brother - the universe will bring that about. She has a 28 year old brother in her current life now who does plenty to be annoying!

From the tiniest toddler she was inexplicably drawn to everything about the music and culture, particularly what would probably be recognized as the terrain of the Zambia region ... a direct contrast to her small Northern Ontario town that she was living in as a toddler and preschooler in this life. She didn't have cable TV those first few years when she was young so it was a puzzle to those around her. She often drew the people with darker crayons and homes that resembled little huts, never giving it a second thought, but it had been perplexing to the adults around her at that time as she seemed to have no frame of reference for this distant culture in those days.

** There is the amazing story of Jenny Cockell from the UK that comes to mind as I type this. Jenny came into this life and from the time she was a tiny child, she had distinct memories of being a mother named Mary in Ireland. Jenny knew that Mary passed at a relatively young age, and Jenny in this life still sensed the grief of leaving behind a large family of 7 children. I will post more on Jenny at another time - an amazing story.**

This young woman left her session with a sense of peace an joy - solid advice on a number of issues from the Highest Self and ways to release stress moving forward. However, it seemed to be the recaptured remembrance of a time and place that had always felt like 'home' , that brought her the true joy and insight that she had craved.

So many times a culture, particular landscape, or food will resonate so strongly with someone without someone ever understanding why - and in the case of this young woman - it was a memory fresh out of Africa.

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