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Mystic ( and Out of Body) Experiences in Astrology

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

When Transit Moon and Transit Neptune Meet Up in Pisces

Two Examples from my own Personal Chart

I have been a passionate student in astrology for 28 years - though back in the early days, my access to good books and resources in the early 90's were very limited.
I have always known that there was a link in astrology to reincarnation - or evolution, if you will. This was one of those moments when I knew I had found proof of something incredibly divine in this vast cosmos ...
Throughout my life, there had been a number of experiences that were mystical in nature. Three of these experiences were especially profound. Two involved an out-of-body experience - a trip home to the "soul place" that we all come from. The third was a khundalini awakening - Though at the time, my understanding of this sacred event was paltry at best, and I was caught completely off guard.
These experiences were not solicited. They were spontaneous and organic and completely unexpected. I had the exact date for two of them. They were so profound and powerful - At that time, thankfully, they did not get swept away with the tides of daily busy-ness.
The third experience ( technically the first big one) was from the mid 1990's. It was a complete, penetrating and very emotional surprise and happened in the middle of my day. It was a struggle for me to decipher it completely. I "knew" what it was but it was so unreal in my mundane life in Tiny Town Manitoba - so I often referred to it as "the dream that was not a dream".
Even as someone who was an intuitive medium, I did not have the confidence at that time to believe that something this immense, and so special could possibly happen to someone ordinary like me. To have been to the "soul place" - yet I knew what it was. I wept for days afterwards, not of grief, but of joy.
And when the 2015 event happened, there was no shadow of a doubt. I knew in that 25 minute span that I had "gone home" . Yet it was only recently when I happened to look at the astrology transits of that dates 2 weeks ago - my jaw almost hit the floor, it was so blatant. And I was elated!
The two events I speak of are below with their respective charts and highlights as follows. If you are an astrologer or someone that has experienced a similar experience with out-of-body experience or near-death experience. Please reach out - let's chat! I hope to find more access to similar charts to see what that vein of continuity is ... the divine.
April 1995 - no exact date but narrowing it down. Out of body experience in the soul place with long line of "visible" woman ancestors, some communication and "one-ness". Multidimensional. Ancestors were communicating something special - interestingly, over 95% of these women visible to me had passed long before I was ever born. I did not even know their names and many of them - there had never even been a photo to show they were even here.
June 9th 2015 ( 10:45 PM to 11:10 PM PST) : Out-of-body experience and in the "Soul" place. Multi-dimensional and mystical and went "home" to one-ness. It was this particular experience that led me directly to my work in QHHT, I found Dolores Cannon and her Quantum Healing Hypnosis the very next day!

In the above transits, you see my natal chart on the inner ring and the transits of that exact date on the outer in green.
Transit Moon and Transit Neptune were sitting exact on top of each other at 9 degrees in 4th house Pisces. Transit Jupiter was amplifying this transiting 9th House ( Higher Learning, Travel ) Natal Jupiter. The good old Saturn transit ( our "teacher") was leaving the karma, dharma, mystic 12th house Scorpio and provided the "trigger" at zero degrees Sagittarius. Transiting Chiron ( the wounded healer) was one degree off from Natal Chiron.
April 13th 2018 ( approx 6 PM to 8 PM PST) : A highly unusual and completely unexpected event on an aircraft that led to a spontaneous khundalini awakening a few hours later.

This time, transit Moon and transit Neptune were exact, again, but on the 15th degree - again in 4th house Pisces. Transit Jupiter sitting within a degree of Natal 12th house Neptune in Scorpio. North Node transiting 9th house (higher learning, travel) Leo but the eye-catcher for me was Chiron leaving the 4th house Pisces , the possible trigger of this event? Wounded healer Chiron at 29 degrees calling me out for a declaration of intention before moving forward?
The 9th house planets make me laugh as the 9th house is often referenced as Higher learning and long distance travel - well, long distance travel would certainly be accurate with an airplane flight, out-of-body and other-worldly experience, haha!

There are more supporting players present to these charts but these were the biggest ones that jumped out to me upon first glance - Particularly the transit Moon and transit Neptune in 4th house Pisces in BOTH circumstances ...

Any thoughts? I would appreciate feedback from fellow astrologers, especially if you have been exploring the mystical side of life. Or any person who knows that they had a mystical experience, particularly out of body or near death (though an exact date if possible would be required to explore it further.)

This was done as whole sign tropical chart system - I will be exploring the same events through other genres of astrology as I have a love for the different perspectives they might offer as well.

I just wanted to share this - Thank you for spending your time with me!

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