Look who showed up!

Prior to starting the session, I like to give my client a couple of visualizations - This offers a chance for my clients to see how simple the process of visualization is. I give them a few mundane scenarios and then ask them to imagine and fill it up with lots of detail.

And I have come to notice another phenomena with this as well. Sometimes, in those earliest visualizations, I will ask the client if they notice any people around them - and many of them do. I quietly make a note of this now because time and time again, I have come to discover that Spirit Guides and/or important people from this client's past lives will often show up in these simple visualizations - ( and I am at the edge of my seat in anticipation waiting for the session to unfold!)

There are countless stories, all unique to their own scenarios, but I have two specific ones I'd like to share here today of those loving "early interlopers", those people that sometimes show up in the practice visualizations.

In one pre-induction visualization - ( no induction, just closing your eyes and imagining things in your mind's eye) the woman, a divorced 40 year old and single mom to one child in the current day, was visiting a "pier" ... A long pier like what you might see in some coastal cities and towns in California, the old weathered wood, seagulls about, salty ocean breeze. She described what she saw in the scene around her and then I asked about people - was there any other people on this pier?

There was just one - what appeared to be an older middle aged man sitting a little farther down at the edge, fishing...

"What does he look like? Describe him to me"

She described a man in typical old scruffy fishing clothes, sitting beside some sort of a messenger bag that must have held supplies for fishing, a dirty cap, stubble from a day or three of not shaving ...he kept looking back at her with half of a smile - and a knowing look.

The eye contact and smile was my clue

"Why don't you stroll over and see if he has managed to catch any fish?"

She slowly walked over, feeling a little hesitant and shy even in this visualization. She asked him if he had had any luck.

The man looked up at her, grunted and half smiled, slowly stood up and faced her - and then smiling broadly looking down at her, he took her hands gently and started to dance - Waltzing her about this old weathered pier!!

Aghast and surprised even in this casual visualization, the client was suddenly overwhelmed with the wave of emotion that overcame her as she and this older man danced on this solitary pier...she felt that wave of recognition, a surge of instant familiarity, she knew this touch and this smell, this rhythm - he was a love from over many lifetimes who'd come back in an unexpected "costume" - maybe so as not to surprise her, maybe

to reassure her , to remind her of something loving - and to sneak in a dance...

Visualization 2:

A middle aged man had come for a session, no real expectations, just a curiosity to see what might come up.

In the earliest visualization he was standing on a busy street corner, describing to me the sights and smells, the things he could hear as he stood on this corner... Are there any people near or around you?

Plenty, he said. And he described some of the people to his left also waiting at the corner to cross the street.

Is there anyone on your right? I asked.

Suddenly he startled ... "Yes... yes, there is this big guy - this huge UGLY guy looking at me!!"

This "huge ugly guy" on a modern street corner was standing in what would be considered traditional Roman soldiers costuming from a couple thousand of years before ...("He's wearing a leather skirt??" my client exclaimed)

The client was alarmed - this was not at all what he expected, I told him all was good, just relax, maybe there was a reason this big old Roman was there - and the modern day city melted away and he found himself on a dusty street in ancient Rome, just like that ....The Roman from the modern street corner was an old friend, a brother and a comrade of many lifetimes who had come to join him and wish him well on the start of this past life journey... The client was shocked at the detail, to smell the dust, to hear this "ugly" strangers bellowing laugh.

Not at all what this gentleman was expecting or what he might have even silently asked for - but something he was meant to see ... and the start of a cathartic session!

(And an absolute delight for me as I love these interlopers and have come to recognize their cheeky smiles and knowing looks!)

Both clients were amazed at the wave of emotion that accompanied their recognition of who this person or being was to them. Emotions don't lie ... those intense bonds of love and friendship survive all time and space.

Past life memories are closer to the surface than you think. Children spontaneously have memories frequently, people sometimes have dreams or a persistent picture in their head of other people who seem unknown to them or another time and place that is inexplicable to them in their current life.

Your soul family is much bigger than you realize. Some are with you now in their different costumes, some in another dimension just waiting for that chance to say hello!

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