Look Up!

Over the next 2 days we have the beautiful "corn" full moon in the mystical sign of Pisces. This moon focuses on the symbolism of bringing in the harvest, the fruition of projects, and being receptive and adaptive to the higher promptings and inspirations and dreams that are likely to come at this time. This also speaks to the hidden realm and surrendering to divine timing.

If you have ever struggled for something and no matter what you tried, it seemed to be thwarted - that is often the Universe at play, silently saying it is not time, that every thing meant to happen will - in it's own divine time.

I have learned ( often the hard way, lol) that surrendering is a challenge - yet often brings bigger rewards than when I was trying to make something happen.

I enjoy nothing more than a few quiet moments gazing up at the beautiful full moon, especially in the fall. So often they are larger in appearance, so vivid ... If you have a chance ( and the weather cooperates ) take a moment to get outside, sit and exhale the busy-ness of your day - and take in one of our most beautiful monthly and seasonal mini-events of the year.

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