Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Notes like this in my inbox are why I love to do my job! Posted with permission :)

Thank you for all the time and energy you devoted to our session together. I'm still reeling from the experience, my mind is BLOWN! Lol.

I just wanted to commend you on your abilities as I was able to visualize information even during our preliminary "warm up" exercise. I want to emphasize that I do not consider myself to have any apparent psychic abilities, I would equate my metaphysical gifts to that of a potato, so you can imagine my shock when I was seeing scenes unfold in my mind's eye within the first few moments of your guided meditation. I have dabbled in past life meditations before (YouTube videos, etc.) to no avail, so I don't know what kind of sorcery this is, but I LOVE IT! Haha. Your voice instantly took me to where I needed to be and I can't thank you enough for showing me a whole new world *cue Disney soundtrack*. Honestly, I never thought I could accomplish such depth of visualization, I can't believe it.

My analytical mind is still trying to convince me I imagined the whole thing, but the level of detail is impossible. AAAAHHHHH!

Thank you for your kind words of praise and support. It was a pleasure meeting you, you are so warm and welcoming,

... Thank you for being so down-to-earth! I love that you consider yourself "ordinary" because that means if you can do it, I can, too! And so can everyone, thank you for showing us that magic and divinity is our natural birthright!

S. Edmonton

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