I was a Guest on Down the Rabbit Hole - with Grant Cameron

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

I had the wonderful experience of being invited to Grant Cameron's Down the Rabbit Hole meeting on March 28th. This provided an opportunity to share some of my more unusual experiences including the photographing of other-worldly craft and to touch on the multi-dimensional experience that had been the prelude to the aforementioned photography.

Initially, I thought I would be nervous as I am used to just sharing on a one-on-one basis, but this was a truly fun panel with a variety of experiences presented. I highly recommend attending this if you have the opportunity, particularly if you are an experiencer. Grant is a renowned Canadian researcher of 40+ years in all phenomena including UFO's, contactees, paranormal, light language and more. He is the perfect host for these events as he is an experiencer himself. Grant runs these Zoom meetings every second Saturday. If you would like to participate in this, you can contact him through here.

My profound thanks to Grant for letting me share some of these events and I look forward to joining into more of these meetings as time allows!

In a future post I will write more in depth about my multi-dimensional experience that led me to the events of the recent 5 years. It is difficult to articulate a multi-dimensional experience that I sometimes find myself at a loss to explain because so much of it is beyond our current perception. Not being of a scientific mind, I struggle more so - yet that important experience remains more true to my core knowingness than anything around me - and it led me directly to this path in QHHT.

Stay tuned!

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