Down the Rabbit Hole - I was a Guest!

I had the joy to join leading Canadian Ufologist and researcher Grant Cameron and Experiencer Sinead for a "Down the Rabbit Hole" panel this past Saturday. The link will be posted here shortly when it is available!

I had joined them back in March ( link is here on the blog) for some of my more unusual UFO sightings - This particular show was about Consciousness and Near Death Experiences.

Beverly Bradsky and Mark were fellow panelists, amongst the 3 of us, we had all had a very experience in which we visited another dimension - that soul place, through a variety of "entry" experiences. Beverly's experience is simply fascinating as her experience was a near-death-experience (or NDE) that dates back to 1970, a time when people were not very open nor knowledgeable to this experience. As a result, Beverly stayed silent for a number of years before venturing back out to speak about it.

Mark's experience came as an organic experience via going into a sensory deprivation float tank - it was such a pleasure to hear him speak to something I relate well to.

My own experience came completely out of thin air one evening in June of 2015. And I can say without exception, every single thing, belief, thought and perception in my life changed within a nano-second. Having an opportunity to speak aloud and share this to a bigger audience is a newer experience for me but one that I welcomed.

I willingly shared it on a one-on-one basis - after I had the experience - I had the powerful intuition and felt prompted to share, that it would aid people in recognizing that this is who we all are. And here is the juicy part - we are all love, seriously, love.

In the early days it was quite tough to speak about it, people listened carefully but I could not help but see the quizzical look pass in their eyes or that quick expression of "Okay, this lady has gone Cuckoo for Coco Puffs!"

But people are awakening quickly and this experience is received much more receptively these days. I am now also encountering others who have had experiences almost identical to mine. I will be posting the link to "Down the Rabbit Hole" as soon as it is available. The earlier panel was hosted on March 28th, you will find it here:

I have also had a number of unique experiences in the 5+ years since that original experience as well. I will be posting several videos on this web page so that I might share what I have learned along the way about who we are, souls coming in to have this unique human experience. It is time to share what I can. Maybe others will speak out too? So many of us are shy about speaking to this...

Grant Cameron often talks about the "Theory of Wow" - when people experience something so unique, profound and other-worldy, like it was meant to get our full attention. I would agree with this, it is helping us open up, giving us a nudge that we are much bigger than we consciously remember.

The many subsequent experiences I went through after that initial 're-awakening' were to my mind, a demonstration of aiding me in remembering who I really am - and sometimes in other places or dimensions. I share bits and blurbs with clients on occasion but this video series will be more comprehensive. I feel compelled to, like I cannot even stop myself. It's time...

I would like to state here as well, I do not indulge in other substances or plant medicine. Nor did I ever watch an episode of Star Trek or Star Wars. For that matter, I just watched Avatar and The Matrix for the first time last year, haha! And that was only because some of my experiences I shared had people actively relating to those movies. My mind was not geared to these concepts at all, nor was I that interested, I was more of your "Little House on the Prairie" or documentaries about culture or current events kind of girl.

Which in essence, made the early days of trying to explain this experience very very challenging - It was a multi-dimensional experience. I did not have the words, the quantum or scientific language to speak of it and it felt inhibiting. How could this happen to someone like me??

... Until I realized through an epiphany one day ( something that I like to refer to as "Intrusive Inspiration" - that the very essence of me, the non-science, pretty practical, ordinary, not a stand-out in any way or fashion, might be the very reason that I was given the opportunity to "remember" - because I can come from a place of truth ( or at the very least, my perception of it ) and the heart. If something this "weird" could happen to an ordinary gal like me - just imagine who YOU really are!

( Spoiler Alert : It's all good! )

I have also learned much about energy, we are energetic beings. That is something clients frequently experience in sessions as well. While I do my best to speak to this is a way that is somewhat coherent, it is my energy and essence in communication with yours. Even if your mind is going "Okay, this chick is nuts" ... on a deeper level, your essence and energy recognizes what I am saying.... does that make any sense at all? Haha!!

Anyhow, in this interesting year of 2020, our year of clarity and 20/20 vision, I am being nudged to share on a bigger scale - and so I will. I have come to recognize that I am loved, nudged and always guided - just as you are too, whether you are aware of it or not.

Stay tuned, these clips will be following in the upcoming weeks. I will do my heart-based best to share with you, who YOU are - the magnificence of it all! I always say there are no accidents or coincidences - it is my pleasure to be guided to share with you right now.

And if you are someone who has also shared multi-dimensional dreams or experiences or anything that you cannot explain, and you would like to have a conversation - leave a comment here on the blog or you can contact me through the contact message box or phone number found in my web pages.

Sending you every blessings and looking forward to sharing with you soon!

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