A Raven - to Bring me Joy!

Animal Totems ... do you have a personal favored animal that you consider your spirit animal, maybe one that comes to visit you in your dreams or an animal that you see frequently when out and about? I hear of rabbits, owls, robins, bears, even bob cats and wolves ...

Yesterday on my day off, deep in my studies, I had a big gorgeous raven come to visit me and he hung about as I snapped a number of pictures of him...

I grew up on Northern Vancouver Island and was quite familiar with Haida culture. Ravens were a welcome harbinger.

Ravens are a symbol of creation and transformation, knowledge, metamorphosis. Long distance healer, keeper of secrets and a deliverer of messages from the cosmos...

Some might brush that off as a coincidence, but my work in QHHT has taught me there is no such thing as coincidences. He let out a large call which got my attention, and stayed put as I photographed him. The lift I felt from within my heart in that moment told me that this gorgeous raven was a gift to my day!

What animal have you been noticing more lately?

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