Thank You - From a Most Unexpected Source...

Updated: Oct 26, 2019

A past life regression excerpt...

"I see little bare feet..." the client giggled.

"Oh!! I am in a dress, and I think I am balancing and twirling on a short stone wall ..."

The client landed in what appeared to be lovely lush European countryside, she sensed the Ukraine. She was 12 years old or so, twirling and balancing on a low stone wall, likely a fence - until she noticed the water bucket and then realized she had been sent to fetch some water. Ooops! She saw the milking barn, a little brother, a vibrant picture of country life came into being ...

The next scene brought us to a warm and humble kitchen. The client realized as they settled into a meal that the loving lady present was a mother figure though she understood she was not her mother of birth, but that of her little brother. It was a loving scene though, the woman treated the young girl as if she had been born to her. This little girl lived a happy and joyful life.

The next scene depicted the teen was now in a white dress with delicate little embroidered flowers. There was plenty of lace - old, vintage lace but new she realized ... The wedding scene looked like it should be joyful, many people were present ... yet there was something mournful about this scene too.

"It is like a wedding - and a funeral?"

The client was puzzled, did someone die? Why did such a joyful day have the heavy air of a funeral ...

The groom, while considered a young man, was a fair bit older than his smiling 16 or 17 year old bride. He was crying as she approached him, even sobbing at points... The client was visibly moved. He seemed to be so sad yet she sensed there was gratitude... Gratitude? It was a wedding - but something about the circumstances made it seem like an unusual one.

In the next scene, the young woman found herself frolicking amongst children, joyful and playing, she herself barely much older than the children in her charge. She felt the distinct switch inside of her from being a daughter to an instant mom. She now understood that she had married the young man because he was a widower and he himself, now sick. She sensed this was something grave, that impacted his lungs. He was a good man, a handsome one even, but there was a sense that he was increasingly frail. Suddenly she understood why he had been sobbing at the wedding - gratitude and maybe even potentially relief to the young teen bride willing to take him and his children on.

Suddenly, the client was overcome with waves of the intense love and emotion for these children, hot tears from another time and place suddenly flowed as she reveled in the presence of these three children from another time. "I LOVED these children ..."

There was a new baby as well, and her husband, the father of these children had since passed away. The young woman plowed on, determined to love them all through it.

Later scenes depicted this now-widowed woman older now, weaving flowers into the hair of the oldest child as she prepared to be married. The old and new lace of earlier days was present again, possibly remade into a new dress. There was joy mingling with the tears as the woman remembered her own wedding day many years before.

The session progressed through this life and finally we arrived at the end of her life. She now dwelled with the oldest child and her family in a fine home. There was the noise and laughter of children in the distance. She felt the love of all who were present ... and she also realized that her body now felt much older, more tired and fragile, readying to transition.

The life came to a close peacefully - and in spite of the challenging circumstances and hardships of that lifetime, it had been a life of love, joy and play.

"And who has come to greet you?" I asked ...

She instantly saw her "husband" from all of those many years ago ... with a woman.

A woman??

His first wife!!

The first wife came forward eagerly, thanking her, showering her with hugs and love. There was a deep and profound gratitude for her loving these children when the first wife was unable to do as a result of her own illness and early death. The first wife and mother of those orphaned children thanked my client profusely for all the love she had shown - and especially for teaching the children the joy of play -

There had had so much sadness in their short lives through the loss of their mother and then a sick and dying father, these poor children had not even known how to just be kids.

Such a beautiful greeting and deep and heartfelt thanks from the most unexpected source...

If I have learned anything in this work - in the end - it is all LOVE.

And to just trust - You might not know where you are going, but Spirit will lead the way!

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