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We all have questions, especially when we are approaching a new experience. Here are some answers to some common questions asked by clients.

Why do I need to lay down?

Laying down allows you to truly relax into the experience, your body is fully supported so you are not distracted by an uncomfortable position sitting.

What if I can't be hypnotized?

I have great news for you, we humans are in and out of different levels of trance every single day, we just aren't usually aware of it. In those moments where you might be driving mindlessly from point A to Point B or scrolling your phone absorbed in your task, gazing out a window day-dreaming or absorbed in a book or favorite TV show, you are already immersed in the first level of trance. There is an awareness of life around you - but you have shifted your focus away from the distractions. In hypnosis, we simply continue to shift away from those distracting things around us and tune in to what is within.

The deeper level of trance is known as theta, you are naturally in this level of trance twice a day - right before you go to sleep at nght, right before you wake up in the morning. Most people are not aware of this or simply don't remember, but this is where your dreams are and often when we have intuitive answers or inspiration come through. I always recommend that people keep a dream journal, you would be surprised what information you might find if you make a quick note immediately upon awakening before everything fades away.

Can I just have the Hypnosis without the talk?

Some people want to hurry up the process, let's just get down to it ... and in a short answer, no. The conversation prior is an important factor to the induction and also an opportunity to 'unpack' the bag so-to-speak. People routinely remember more questions they forgot to ask, and as your practitioner, it makes for a better session if you have an opportunity to get to know me and get comfortable with me. All of that makes for a much more rewarding session, and after all - this is YOUR day! Use it to your fullest! How often to we really get a day to ourselves to go deep-soul diving? Take advantage of it!

Have I lived before?

Yes - If your belief system does not support that possibility, then you can simply look upon the past life regression as an opportunity for your soul to give you an important metaphor. Past lives are always relevant to our current lives, even if it is not immediately apparent why.

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